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About Flutterleigh

As long as she can remember, fashion has been Lisa Summers' favorite form of creative expression. From a young age, when her mother treated her to lunches at the local café, she was constantly inspired by the models and their breathtaking outfits floating ethereally around them. Fit, fabric and movement became a passion as Lisa re-created wardrobe pieces from her own closet. Corporate America and a career as a television network executive intervened until 2014 when she decided to reinvent her professional life and established *Flutterleigh* in Los Angeles. Her inspiration stems from one summer when, while sunbathing as a teenager on the French Riviera, she noticed a beautiful woman fluttering by in her palazzo pants that finished off her chic beach ensemble. Since that day, Lisa has had a vision of making the finest cover-up pant on the market. The *Flutterleigh Pant* was thoughtfully created as the "go to" cover-up for every woman's wardrobe and travel bag.

Created to empower a woman's confidence, The *Flutterleigh Pant* provides a superior fit to flatter women of a wide variety of body types by hiding key "problem" areas sensitive to many. Its versatile style allows the wearer to feel beautiful whether poolside, exploring the town or enjoying evening adventures. This pant's wearability and easy care instructions create freedom from high-maintenance, a luxury that every modern woman needs. Much like the transformation that Lisa is experiencing, the *Flutterleigh Pant* creates a surge of spirit and rejuvenation that inspires every woman to look beyond the everyday and experience the best version of themselves.

Lisa resides in sunny Los Angeles with her two rescue dogs, Chaucer and Molly.